Write Your Story…

I LOVE this new song by Francesca Battistelli called “Write your Story.” It epitomizes my life in general as a Christian. It’s especially applicable to my life right now. I have been given a new chapter in my life book. I am waiting for God to fill it up with his plans for this next season.


They say
You’re the King of everything
The One who taught the wind to sing
The Source of the rhythm my heart keeps beating

They say
You can give the blind their sight
And You can bring the dead to life
You can be the hope my soul’s been seekin’

I wanna tell You now that I believe it
I wanna tell You now that I believe it
I do, that You can make me new, oh

I’m an empty page
I’m an open book
Write Your story on my heart
Come on and make Your mark

Author of my hope
Maker of the stars
Let me be Your work of art
Won’t You write Your story on my heart

Write Your story, write Your story
Come on and write Your story, write Your story
Won’t You write Your story on my heart

My life
I know it’s never really been mine
So do with it whatever You like
I don’t know what Your plan is
But I know it’s good, yeah

I wanna tell You now that I believe in
I wanna tell You now that I believe in
In You, so do what You do, oh

I’m an empty page
I’m an open book
Write Your story on my heart
Come on and make Your mark

Author of my hope
Maker of the stars
Let me be Your work of art
Won’t You write Your story on my heart

Write Your story, write Your story
Come on and write Your story, write Your story
Won’t You write Your story on my heart

I want my history
To be Your legacy
Go ahead and show this world
What You’ve done in me
And when the music fades
I want my life to say

I let You write Your story, write Your story
Write Your story, write Your story

I’m an empty page
I’m an open book
Write Your story on my heart
Come on and make Your mark

Author of my hope
Maker of the stars
Let me be Your work of art
Won’t You write Your story on my heart

Write Your story, write Your story
Come on and write Your story, write Your story
Won’t You write Your story on my heart

The Anchor

Sometimes we have to compartmentalize day to day life. There are moments when we are pelted with so much, for lack of better words, junk that we are no longer able to discern what is true or what is a lie. It’s in these times that any and everything can come into our minds to make us believe that we are drowning in the lake of our own tears of self-pity.

For those who are believers in Christ, we have an anchor. His name is Jesus, and it is him that comes before all things, and in him all things are held together. So, hold on. Things may blow up around you, but you will not fall apart if Jesus is your anchor.

A Church Home

One of my prayers was that I would find a place of worship fairly soon after moving. I started looking for new churches as soon as I made the decision to move since my spiritual life prior to moving to Florida was drastically different. I wasn’t sure what would be available here. I was looking for something similar to my home church, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Now Georgia being part of the “Bible Belt” gave me confidence that there would be no shortage of churches; however, I was looking for a very specific experience. I wanted Non-denominational, contemporary worship, community-minded, mixed ethnicity, big enough for multiple services but small enough to get to know people on a personal level, small groups, and most importantly – BIBLE TEACHING!  I wanted substance, and I wanted to experience more than fluff from the pulpit.

I do believe that for the time being I have found a suitable place to attend church. A Church called TurningPoint has caught my attention. I will go to my third service this coming weekend, and I think I may start their growth track so that I can learn more about their culture. I am looking forward to being part of a small group later this month, and I can’t wait to get involved in some outreach activities. I am glad that at least for the moment, this particular part of my journey seems to have some direction. I have experienced the peace that comes from being part of a good community. It seems when I am being encouraged by those who are around me, I experience a lot of joy and I don’t worry as much about what’s to come.

This is part of the reason of my contentment, despite the issues from my vent yesterday. I know all will be well :).

Over Starting Over and Over Being New

As much as I enjoy adventure and new experiences, I am feeling a bit taxed right now.  My move has been very good, and I am extremely fortunate because of God’s favor in how everything has worked out so far. I have been able to spend a good deal of time with family and friends. Life is good, and I am content. 


I am still in flux. Right now I am working, but it is a temporary transition that will soon end. I am frustrated with being in this position again. I just started working at my current employer last October. So to be doing this job search and application process again is pretty maddening. It was my choice so I can’t complain long; however, my lament is merely the irritation of having to try to sell my abilities and character again. I just don’t like having to be in the spotlight. And with that, the process is just long. Then you don’t hear word for a long time, or ever. The invention of the online application system is not as advantageous as people would have you believe. Additionally, I will be at some point be starting over with my living situation. I am home with my family at the moment, and one day I will be out on my own again. I joke with my mother that I will stay home until I marry, to which she retorts something to the affect that it’s time for me to get married. Sure mom…where is he lol?! Since the age of 12, I have moved 21 times. No, I am not in an active duty Military family. It can make one feel very unstable.  And since I am still young, I know there are more moves on the way. Starting over in work, love, and just life in general. The love part is also daunting…I’m not even going to really get into that right now, but I am pretty annoyed. 


Ok… vent over… moving on now. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new opportunity to have wonderful experiences. 



People who are familiar with me know I am a cat person. BUT this little pup has stolen my heart.


Sachi is a chocolate and blond Labradoodle puppy who is, at the moment, six months old. I have never had a dog with such personality. She is a fast learner, even though she is so, so, soooooo stubborn at times.


I think we are all part of her diabolical plan of cuteness, and we are all pawns in her game. Sachi is my mother’s baby, and she is so spoiled! Her name means “Miracle.” She was the last of the litter, brought back because she came down with a cellulitis infection on her snout. So, my mom got her for a discounted price.


Now we get to enjoy her shenanigans. Her personality is definitely sassy! I know that she will change a little since she is not yet an adult, but I am sure she will still retain some of her obstinance and humor.


Home is Where the Heart is…

Just some photos I snapped with my phone over the past week since moving back to the Peach State.

My parents’ home in Georgia



On a drive near my home





Starbucks Evenings (Starbucks stores that sell wine and appetizers after 4pm)



Getting Coldstone with momma


Family Reunion




Skate Country (Cousin’s 13th birthday party)


Parents playing cards



I’m Taking the Red Pill…

I am leaving Fakebook Facebook. Not just deactivating, a full-on delete. Yes this is very possible.


What I will miss about FB…

1. Having instant updates on hundreds of people that I know
2. Seeing happy faces and exciting adventures
3. Being able to reconnect with people that I haven’t seen in years


What I will definitely NOT miss about FB…

1. The ever changing layout and weird issues with privacy
2. Oversharing and TMI moments
4. The true depravity of human nature…when we are behind a screen, we somehow become “bolder” and it’s not always a positive thing…
5. How your life can seem so small and uninteresting in comparison to those around you, even though you know people only share what they want others to see
6. The time vortex that is the sign in screen. Seriously you can lose HOURS here
7. Ratchetness
8. Not really connecting to those hundreds of people that I know and maybe not seen in years
9. Knowing deep down that we really know nothing about the lives of the majority of the lives of the people on our friend list, but somehow feeling like we do know because of what’s posted on their page.
10. Realizing that our world is not really that big, and there is no way that we can nurture a friendship base of over 400 people… it just doesn’t happen. Our life scope is much smaller than that.
11. Not being creative and not really adding to the lives of others through the platform… At the end of the day once we sign out, the life we have suspended in the wings resumes without much inclusion of whatever happened online (save for making in-person events and people you talk to off facebook on a regular basis)
12. How it makes us lazy to really connect with people to create meaningful
and trusting relationships.
13. How it helps us perpetuate a world without true etiquette and manners
14. How it allows us to remain in our past and wallow in our previous pains, which ultimately makes it super hard to learn how to overcome and move on.
15. How it has helped us perpetuate a world where not much is sacred and special because everything is ordinary and is shared with everyone
16. How it stunts our maturity in learning how to deal with disappointment, confrontation, conflict, failures, and success
17. How we slowly move away from being true memory keepers
18. How the experience has convinced us that printed photos aren’t necessary (ridiculous, right)

Facebook is not evil and I don’t hate it (all the time lol).

In fact, I think it is an ingenious invention. It has just gone awry. All of the reasons that I dislike FB are things that I saw rising up in myself, and I didn’t like it. I don’t think my experience is unique. Not everyone experiences this or is prone to it; however, the majority speaks to the former.

SO, I am taking a risk. I am challenging the status quo to do something that is not in line with what is normal or popular. I am stepping away. Letting the chips fall where they may, and I am running for my life to have true joy, peace, and community. I know I won’t be perfect at it. I’m actually pretty nervous about how to even really begin to build this. The only thing on my side outside of God, is that I remember a life before facebook. I know the possibilities.

I am ready to live a life where technology truly enhances my life rather than stunting it.

Would you like to come too? You may not really need to and you may have only experienced the first three great truths about facebook, That is awesome and I wish that were my reality too. There is no judgement in that. “To thine own self be true.” If you do come on this journey, know that results may vary. There is a direct correlation of sowing and reaping.

https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account?rdrhc. This is a personal choice…Of course let your friends know you are heading out if you do, but otherwise it’s about you and what’s best for your life. After you do this, you have 15 days to change your mind before everything is deleted. It’s a 15 day fasting period and if you log into your account during this time you start the clock over. I’ll definitely let you know when that clock starts for me since my profile will still be active, but I won’t be responding.

For all of us… Love the people in your life with all you’ve got. Be present. Be still. Really listen. Enjoy your BEST life today :).

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY – here’s to breaking codependency with the web.