5 Years Old, Going on 30…

Tonight I sat in our clothing closet at work trying to console a 5 year old boy who wanted his mom, and didn’t understand why he couldn’t go home. He sobbed asking,

“What did my mom do that I can’t live with her? She gets the food card tomorrow and we can go to the store. Why is this happening to my family? Are you just going to give me to a new family?”

I have met 30+ year old adults who couldn’t reason or articulate as well as this little boy. It speaks to his environment that this precious little one has had to grow up so fast. Despite this, he has a chance to be poured into, mentored, and discipled. I am confident he will get the love and care God intended since he went to one of our fabulous families at 4KIDS.

While I won’t go into specifics about the reason he was removed from his home and brought into foster care, know that his story is one of thousands that occurs every year because families are in pain. They are many times stuck in cycles of generational sin, poverty, abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Know that God can break every chain!

Please pray for the families who are having children removed from their care. It’s easy to vilify them and be shocked that people could and would do such horrible things or allow them to happen to helpless beings who never asked to be brought into this world. But we must also remember that we ALL require redemption. None of us are righteous, NO not one! Pray that God open their eyes to see that using drugs, violence, and having apathy for responsibility is no way to escape the pain of their past or present.

Also pray for these children for healing, foster parents for strength and favor, case management and investigators for discernment; provider agencies, supervisory agencies, and service providers for diligence and perseverance with their work; and lastly, government officials who write statues and laws that affect child welfare.

A home for EVERY child in crisis; let’s all be about James 1:27! I will be praying for YOU about how God will have you be a part of His answer to the cry for help. This is sad, but don’t get caught up in the lament.
Be part if the solution!


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