James 1:27…

Another long day….

A total of 18 children came through 4Kids Safe Place today… more than half of them are still here. While it is humbling and terrifying to think about what these children are going through, I have solace knowing that God has a plan for each and every one of them. He loves them more than any of us ever could. I pray that as we are used as conduits, the seeds of salvation are planted in each of these little ones so that they will one day understand the love of Christ and then become ambassadors for His glory.

It’s hard to look in the eyes of a 3 year old who is sobbing for his grandparents, and not have an answer to his pleas. There is a helplessness that comes along with receiving a sibling group of 5 after 10 pm at night who are all sick and don’t really understand what’s happening to them. It’s mind-boggling to understand how a 3 year old who was not picked up from school still has a cheerful disposition at 12 midnight even after asking ” has anyone has found my family yet?” Despite the immediate feeling of being overwhelmed when faced with these realities, there is a force that kicks in automatically. The call to duty. The voice of God reminding us that we are here for a reason, and He has equipped us to handle this. The knowledge that we are part of something bigger. The desire to make sure there is some sense of comfort and normalcy for each child while they are with us. There is an extra kick of something special in the adrenaline that runs through the veins of 4KIDS staff and volunteers. Praise the Lord that it is from Him and it’s not something we have to muster up ourselves. It’s tiring, but incredibly worth it. In addition, we get to witness people answer the call through donations, advocacy, and volunteerism. How can we wallow in sadness when people are standing up and taking part to act justly, have mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord as he directs our path in fulfilling James 1:27?

I am sure all of my fellow 4KIDS staff (Foster care, SOSI, His Caring Place, Development, Administration, Second Chance Thrift Store), foster parents, volunteers, and supporters will all agree that God is doing something AMAZING in our midst. We can’t take any of the credit because we aren’t the author of this great work. We are just blessed and honored to be able to be a part of the bigger picture.

I must continue to pray that these innocent ones continue to be resilient and that tonight as they sleep angels will surround them with dreams filled with laughter and hope.

Gotta make each day count!


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