5 Shades of Grey…

So. I turned 30 on November 23, 2012. I was able to celebrate with friends and family, which hasn’t happened in about seven years. Since all my family lives in the metro-Atlanta area and l live here in South Florida, I typically only go home once or twice a year. Usually I pick Christmas.

I noticed a few weeks before my birthday that something was going on with my face. No, not new wrinkles or sunspots…I WAS STARTING TO GO GRAY! Where? MY EYELASHES!!! Forreal? YES! Now, I haven’t noticed any greys on my head. So I guess if this is where my age will show, then so be it.

Currently I have 5 grey lashes. If grey means I am becoming more wise, hey my eyes are seeing more and more discernable nonsense every day. Like the Harlem Shake…but some nonsense is just funny (kinda).

grumpy cat harlem shake

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