A Rewarding Saturday…

After a long week, we often look forward to having some much needed time off. This weekend I had the privilege of babysitting two precious twin boys for a 4KIDS foster family. They were going to the west coast to visit family and none of their babysitters were available to work 10am until at least 10pm that night.  The twins placed in their home were at SafePlace at the end of January, early February, and I really wanted the opportunity to see them again. Because of the family’s work schedule, visits typically have to be scheduled in the evenings during the week. That cuts me out completely. I have an evening commitment Monday through Friday. I jumped at the opportunity to help out with the babysitting because the need was pretty crucial.

I arrived at around 9:30am this morning, ready to get the low-down for the boys. As soon as I walked in the door, one of them recognized me immediately and had the biggest, most awesome smile I had ever seen. Mind you, for the past two days I have been greeted with a smile and a hug from children who have remembered me at SafePlace. These types of occurrences make the job much easier because this is a pay off. It was a much needed welcome for me, especially after one of my most recent nights at work (check out post The Reality of Tears to find out why). I am definitely getting teary just thinking about.

So me and the boys go for a walk with the family dog’s Joey (I LOVE animals with human names). It was hot today… so weird after having 40 degree weather not long ago.  We get back and have lunch – Macaroni and cheese and some apple sauce. I figure the carbs would help with nap time. Then the boys go down for their nap at around 12:45pm. Those little stinkers can sleep! I had to wake them up at 3:30pm because I feared that I wouldn’t be able to get them back to sleep this evening!

During their nap, I started preparing dinner. I figured that once they were up they would be hungry soon so I wouldn’t have that much time to get anything cooked without them putting up a fight. So I made it all in advance so I could just warm it up when needed. I decided on green peas, homemade mashed potatoes (yes I made them!), meatballs, and fruit (peaches and strawberries). I thought I would be able to get a nap, but I was wrong. One of the boys starting fussing around 2pm. I decided to bring him in the living room with me so that I could unbraid his hair to make it easier later to do bath time and hair washing. He went to sleep in my lap and then I put him down again to finish his nap. The Joey and I had some one-on-one time. Hey dogs need love too! He is such a gentle spirit and I am glad that he is with this family with these kids. He is very obedient and smart. He is a type of Terrier… I want to say Cairn.

3:30pm comes along and I wake up the boys, change diapers, and we have some play time. I found a movie on Netflix and we watched it, while playing a little bit of course. After the movie was over, it was definitely dinner time. Those little panicked faces screaming  “DUDE I GOTTA EAT NOW!” were pretty clear about their intentions for the next 30 minutes.  During dinner we practiced eating with a fork, doing the Tarzan chest pat, and Jazz Hands. Yes they were good at all three…. well I take that back. Eating with a form on their own is pretty hard. They shoveled with their hands. BUT they invited me to use their fork for them. I guess they still enjoy being fed by someone and the whole “I do it!” stage hasn’t started yet.

We clean up after dinner and it’s bath time. First of all, they  This is going to be a big task because I also have to wash their hair and cornrow it. Tub time. crazy…. wiggle worms…I think i was more wet than the kids! But it was a success. The hair was another story. Oh goodness, if I have boys their hair will not stay long. I will not be cornrowing anyone’s hair that is not a girl…. and I don’t even want to do that to be honest. I know I may lose my “black card” on this, but I just learned how to cornrow literally a week ago. I kid you not. I just figured it out in a a moment of desperation while at SafePlace. We had a little boy going back to his family in another state and his hair was a hot mess… So, who was going to do it…. yours truly.

We finished up and the boys were exhausted. I put them down at around 7:30pm. One was running all over his crib and the other was clearly over the experience of being awake, sleep is important you know! Here I am… house is cleaned and I am waiting for the foster parents to come back. I am exhausted, but I know that caring for twins is a doable challenge. So, if that is the hand I get dealt with children, I am ready!

Take Aways:

  1. We said our grace before every meal. My new years resolution was to live life more intentionally so when children are around I want to sow good seeds. Besides Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
  2. We also read a Bible story – Daniel and the Lions Den.
  3. I also made sure to love on them and actually tell them how much I loved them throughout the day.
  4. I spoke to them like adults… no baby talk allowed! They aren’t really verbal yeat and since they are one and a half, I wanted to do my part to help them get those words going.

I may never see these kids grow up. I may never get to hear about what happens to them as adults, but I know one thing: a seed of godliness has been planted. I am sure the foster parents will continue to do the same thing. 4KIDS doesn’t accept any less!

What a blessed day…


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