Morning Romance…


This morning I went to the beach to watch the sunrise. I made the decision last night after church. Today is my Sabbath and what better way to give my first fruits of the morning than to watch God wake up the world.


I could hardly sleep last night. I don’t know if it was the anticipation or maybe I slept too late during the day. Either way, while driving to the pier I felt butterflies. My heart was warmed by God’s presence. This is romance. God is all things to me: father, friend, and husband. My season of singleness has been full of these moments, but I didn’t always take the time to relish in them.

Honestly, I am going to miss this time. The way I am loved and reassured during this season of my life is very comforting. I am enjoying the safety of His arms. Not that it can’t be that way when I’m married, it’s just different. I pray that my future husband is allowing God to show him this same kind of romance. I know that if he loves God more than me, he will know exactly how to love me because my Dad will show him and tell him. God speaks my love language fluently.


What a wonderful feeling… What a beautiful assurance… What an awesome showing of care…


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