What a Girl (Danish) Wants…


I would conclude that many men are probably asking, ” What in the world do women really want?!”

Sometimes I ask myself the very same question, and I am a woman. That sounds kind of like a copout, but seriously, what is it that we really want? Do we want what we see in the media: guy and girl me, fall in love, experience some trauma or hardship, hate each other for life, reconcile, get married, live happily ever after, future shot with kids and celebrating their birthday with family and friends… what? Do we want the “Independent Woman” life where we pretend that we don’t need anyone but me, myself, and I? I don’t know that I dream my life to mimic cinema or to be a single lady, but I certainly want to have  a satisfying life. Now, I can only speak for myself and so please do not think that this is a sweeping generalization of all women. This is purely Danish…


In Love

Jesus Culture – First and foremost, he must be a lover of Jesus with all his mind, heart, and soul…he must also love his neighbor has he loves himself. If he loves the Lord more than anything, he will know how to love me.

Vulnerability/Emotional Availability – I am pretty open with those in my close circle. I will talk about my struggles, fears, triumphs, and disappointments openly with those that I trust.  The only time this is limited when the trust of another is on the line. That means, I will share a lot about me, but not a whole lot about “we.” I like someone who is similar in that aspect. Having a good perspective of oneself and being emotionally fit is also very important. Being in denial about the past or pretending that emotions do not exist will not work.

Time – This one is simple. I want to spend time with the person that I call “significant other” or whatever pet name I give him. I don’t want to be attached at the hip, but I want and need to know that I have priority and that there is a mutual desire to connect.

Respect/Honor – I am a daughter of  THE King most high. My life is his and he is the Savior of my soul. I already have a Knight in Shining Armor and I have already been saved. I want someone who is going to make every effort to earn the privilege of being part of a holy lineage with me. I am not being arrogant. Every son and daughter is the same in this aspect. We are to honor and respect each other.

Laugh Lines – Make me laugh! Humor keeps one young ;0).

Wanderlust – Be a traveler at heart and never let that restlessness leave. I want to see the world. I want to be able to appreciate various cultures in person. I want to be well-rounded. I need a partner who is ready to jump on a plane at the drop of a hat to some distant land, different from our own, that will open a door of enlightenment and adventure.


In Life

Contentment – I want to wake up every day and be reminded how much Jesus, and him alone, satisfies. I don’t like being anxious for things. I don’t want to be overwhelmed by the call of the worldly distractions. I want a simple life, full of amazement with the intricate menagerie of God’s miracles that most people miss daily.

Adventure – Come on, Charlie…let’s go to Candy Mountain!

Wisdom  and Discernment – It is imperative for me to be able to make decisions based on what is presented before me. I have a desire “to know.”

Change – I don’t want to do the same thing all the time. I need metamorphosis and growth. One thing I cannot deal with is stagnation. Have you ever been around still water? Water that has no outlet or inlet? Water that has no movement? It stinks, literally. Nothing can survive in its depths. It’s gross and I don’t want to be near its location. I don’t want my life to resemble a puddle of this nature.

Fellowship – I am not a big people person (no one every believes me on this one, but I know the truth), but I do crave the attention of people in my inner circle. I want to be able to depend on and care for those that I have gotten to know on an intimate level. We are to bear one another’s burdens.

Philanthropy – I am a giver… I want to help…I want and need to be part of something bigger than myself because ultimately I have a responsibility to God’s people.

Deliciosity – I am a foodie. It is important to explore all kinds of noms that will pique my palette. I especially love to make my own creations.

Snooze – I love to sleep. Naps are very important. I know I don’t get enough of it, but one can dream can’t she?

Text and Covers – I LOVE TO READ! I love a good book. I will finish a novel within a 24 hour period if given the chance and it is a good one. Our society has lost its desire to touch the pages of good banter. With the rise of tablets and e-readers, I feel a void in my senses. I love how a new book smells and feels. I would rather highlight and write imparted wisdom in the seams. I do have a nook, but it’s getting dusty on a shelf. I only use it when I am on long flights now.

Music – I sing. I dance. I pop ‘n lock… ok that last one is not true, but  I wish I could do that (can you teach me how to Dougie? – still don’t even know what that dance is though I have youtubed the heck out of it). Music is a connection point that I have with God, and I grew up with the arts in my home. I need it.I crave it.


Snark – Sarcasm at it’s finest. I don’t know, sometimes it’s hard to be Captain Obvious, but someone’s got to do it, right?

Wit – Intelligent humor…that smarts! I like big brains and I cannot lie. You other sisters can’t deny. When your faced with a rebuttal with limited time and you can’t be subtle….

Quirk – peculiar idiosyncracies will win me over EVERY TIME! I am odd. I embrace that. Most people do not get my humor and I am OK with that. My personality is definitely quirky, and I laugh at myself daily, so why not?

Also see ” In Love.”

There is definitely more, but I am kind of exhausted with thinking about me. What about you?


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