The Lost Art of Romance…


The Lost Art                                   of Romance.
  What exactly is Romance?                   Can it be manufactured in bulk?
Write me a letter ~ Sing me a song ~ hold my hand ~ Kiss my forehead ~
my language ~ Take me on a picnic ~ Whisper your affections in my ear ~
the door for me~Walk on street side of the sidewalk~Call me ‘just because’ ~
me the truth ~ Show me that I’m in your future ~ Play in the rain with me
for me and with me ~ Be silly and carefree ~ Make sure that I am OK after
Chaos ~ Be transparent ~ Cry with me ~ 
Weave your fingers in mine
Read to me ~ Care ~
 Tell me your plans ~Shout  your affections
Tom Cruise style ~ Go on adventures
with me ~ send me
on a scavenger hunt for trinkets ~
Take me to dinner ~
Show me God’s love through 
your actions ~
Apologize ~ 
Respect my boundaries ~
Be emotionally present ~
that I like dark chocolate ~
I am scared and
overwhelmed ~Affirm
Let me discover you
Share life With Me
Remember that
you asked
me a
nd I

The romance I require, the romance I desire, is the romance that I will deliver.


4 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Romance…

  1. I did in fact read this but it was on my phone while on the run. This gives me more understanding of you. 😉

  2. Dana! Was this a video? Someone commented and said they watched this video a long time ago…I’m a bit puzzled.BTW…I’m so happy that you have met David!

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