It’s a Hairy Situation…

So… I have been natural since 2009. For those of you who may not be familiar with that term, that means that I have not used a relaxer AKA “Creamy Crack” to straighten my hair in four years. There have been ups and downs. At one point I was so frustrated that I cut it all off to start over after growing it out for about one and a half years.

It started out like this:

Over the years I have done a variety of things to keep it interesting. Recently I have been toying with having blowouts. Basically straightening using the blow dryer and flat iron. It can wreak havoc on one’s head AND curl pattern, so I will only do it as frequently as once a month, and on special occasions. This typically lasts for about a week and once I wash it, it goes back curly. I do enjoy how defined the curl pattern is with the first shampoo after a blowout.

I just thought I would fill you in on what the straight back to curly process looks like…. and you will see why I don’t do this often!

1. My hair has gotten back to being shoulder length again (whoo hoo!)


(don’t ask me why I looked so annoyed in this picture… there is no reason… 

To keep this look I use a flat iron with heat protectant spray and a silicone glosser/frizz fighter. My flat iron is cool because it has a reservoir for a keratin liquid.



2. First I shampoo and condition. I use sulfate, paraben, and “cone” free products as much as possible. Because I recently dyed my hair I have added a color safe conditioner.


3. Then I deep condition with Shea Moisture (pack on the mask and leave it for 30 or more minutes). Also you will see in the second picture what my hair looks like when it gets wet again. The curls come back immediately as the water touches it. It’s like Cinderella at midnight! You will also notice the drastic amount of shrinkage that happens. 


(Again.. with the face don’t ask why I make stupid faces… What else am I supposed to do?).

4. Then I rinse my hair. While it’s still soaking wet, I add my finishing products, which includes As I am leave-in conditioner and curling jelly. I also put in a little Jojoba oil to keep my hair moisturized.


5. Last I blow dry my hair to set it. I use the cold, function to avoid frizz. As I am drying, I pull the hair slightly to make sure the hair dries with the curls as stretched as possible to regain length lost with the water and shrinkage. I use bursts of warm air, but I don’t blow dry on hot when my hair is curly.


AND… :: drumroll please:::



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