Thank God for the should’ve been…

This is one of my favorite songs, “Should’ve Been Me” by Citizen Way.

It should have been me on the cross. Me paying for my shame, my guilt, my sin…


Jesus took my place.

He bore it all for me. Really? God, you did this for me? That realization brings tear to my eyes actually because I am so wretched, sinful, unworthy…

It’s a lot to take in sometimes. To take in the gravity of what gift we have been given. How can so many not want it? I am dumbfounded that I have a Father that loves me so much. I want the world to know that we have it easy.

Thank you Abba…for loving me so much that you were shamed for me.

One thought on “Thank God for the should’ve been…

  1. The Love God has for us can be compared to None….What is even more interesting is that we are created in his image and likeness…..but is there anybody living under the sun that doesn’t feel sinful and wretched sometimes as knowledgeable of the bible as you can be and as close to God that you can get……that is our human nature. That is why Paul wrote about the torn on his flesh he kept praying about and he also said ‘the things I want to do, I do not, the things I don’t want to do, that I do! who will deliver me from this wretched body of sin?’

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