When I was 15…

Tonight we had 15 children who were not placed in foster homes – 9 of which had to go to another agency for the evening, and 6 in our facility. Overall we had about 28 children that came through the shelter today. Most of them were teen girls around the age of 15 years old; however, there were a couple of boys and babies sprinkled in there.

I came home tonight and I was so angry. There is no reason that this many children should ever be left at SafePlace overnight. There simply is not enough room for that many children. I was also angry because three children out of a sibling group of five came in and they were morbidly obese. I was angry that these children, by no fault of their own, had to literally carry the weight of the burden of their parents bad nutritional decisions. They were clearly embarrassed, and I was embarrassed for them – not only because of their size, but the fact that we didn’t have any clothing that would actually fit them. These poor kids had to sleep upright in order to make sure they did not have any issues breathing or stop breathing during the night. I drove home tonight in tears tonight asking God “Why them?”

When I was 15 years old,  I was concerned about when me and my friends were going to get to go to Chick-fil-a again. When I was 15, I was concerned if I had made first chair for my symphonic band auditions. When I was 15, I was concerned about making an ‘A’ on my pre-calculus exam. When I was 15, I was concerned about going to the prom. What I was not concerned about was going to court to ask if someone that I knew in my family or family friend could maybe take care of me since my parents couldn’t do it, or if I would have clothes to fit me, or if there were beds that could actually hold my weight, or if I was all the sudden going to be adopted by another family, or if I was going to be able to get to school in order to take my FCAT exams. None of these issues were my worry at 15 years old, but tonight there are 15 kids who do have one, a few, or even all of these concerns on their minds.

God, I know you have a plan, but I can’t help but be angry and sickened by the irresponsibility. Why do some people get the blessings of easily having multiple children while there so many who are spending thousands of dollars trying to have children in  unnatural ways. Lord, please help my unbelief. Please give peaceful rest to the displaced and traumatized children tonight. Be with the ones we don’t even know are being abused right now.  Amen.


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