Hanging On…

How? Where do I even begin?
God, I don’t think I can win.

The desire to traverse,
The need to immerse.
I can’t think of a verse….

I feel like I’m on the other side of normal.
I’m in the cold and need to get warmer…
I’m fighting the urge of the formal.

I look, I watch, I see, and I ponder.
“Does it get better or worse?” I wonder.
Should I become a mason building a wall to block the path of growing fonder?

I don’t want to waste another year.
I don’t want to neglect the now and here.
I don’t want to act out of fear…

Hang on?
Go strong?
Unanswered questions feel wrong…
Make it better in a song.

When did simplicity marry chaotic confusion?
Of this Lord, you are not the author. Go to sleep, dream, wake up in another scene or a delusion.

Hang on?
Go strong?
For how long?

I’m a beautiful disaster…
A train wreck waiting to happen…
In the end none of this well matter.
Lord, one day I can’t wait to be in your presence and not have to concern myself with the minutia of humanity.


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