Starbucks and I have a dysfunctional relationship. It’s very one sided. I buy $10 teas and pastries while I use their WiFi connection…There are some stores where the WiFi isn’t even free (South Beach, I am talking to YOU). Anyway, Starbucks has become my personal office. My roommate doesn’t want to pay for internet at her home, so I’m not setting it up either. I don’t go all the time, well because I don’t have time or money.

Anyway, I like the atmosphere. As busy as it is, it is a muse for me. I get creative and it’s cool to people watch. There are a group of men that come this particular Starbucks near my house every morning and they talk about random things from TV to Politics. They are all retirement age (I am assuming  based on the liver spots and canes they don). It’s funny because this is something you would expect women to do…well we do and more frequently. This just means that men have the desire to hang out in the same manner as women do sometimes. It makes me smile each time I see these group of guys. It’s cute and funny.

This chain probably loves me. I love all of their high priced junk and I hate coffee. How can a non-coffee drinker be so loyal to this brand?! We really need some independent coffee houses to come out of the woodwork because this is crazy. Hmm, looks like I am out of green tea latte deliciousness.

Hey Barista!  I need a….

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