If You Don’t Share This You Don’t Love Jesus…

We have all seen this type of post on Facebook at some point in time. This emerged in crazy chain emails that included an endearing story of blessing and miracles then BAM! Right in the face with ” send this to 20,000 of your friends or you are going to hell/will die in a gas fire/hate babies/deny Jesus”….whatever. Now sprinkled every so often in my newsfeed I have inspirational pictures that say “share if you love God.” Please, I wish you would judge my devotion and love for the Lord on whether it not I share picture on my profile.

This is bullying. For people who may not be as firm in their faith this can be intimidating and detrimental. We shouldn’t be bandwagon Christians nor should we badger others to show their faith in obtuse and irreverent displays of stupid. I think If you personally want to show your love of God in your profile, do it and do it big! At the same time don’t back someone in a corner to be like you (nobody puts Baby in a corner).

So bring on the loving and godly posts. Show the world the love of Christ, and I hope it dwells in you richly- overflowing and bursting at the seams. I hope that people will know without a shadow of a doubt how much you love God in how you speak, treat others, and what you portray on Facebook. But let’s be sure not to cause others to stumble.

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