Divine Appointments…

So today, I spent a WONDERFUL morning with a good friend of mine. We used to work together, but she has since moved on to other projects (I say projects because life is just a bundle of various projects that move horizontally with time). We went over the the beach and on my way back home I spotted an officer on horseback on Broward Blvd in Fort Lauderdale! I was SO EXCITED! First of all, you just don’t see that too much these days. I actually hooked a right off of the main road to go back to where I saw them so that I could go back and take a picture. I saw the officer and the horse go down a side street. I was at a light waiting to make a u-turn to go down the same street and I was praying that I would make it before they trotted off.

I turned down the last street where I saw the horse and officer, and they were still there! Yay! Tiny victory! I stopped and rolled down my window despite the rain and asked the officer’s name (Duval M.), the horse’s name (Commander), and if I had permission to take a picture (YES!). Do you know what my littler heart did? It did the Harlem Shake all up in my chest. I don’t know why these little things excite me and I am sure other south Florida natives probably knew that this existed here.


There was a care coming behind me down the narrow driveway so I pulled into a parking space and got out to take the picture. At that point the officer asked my name and we started having a conversation. He asked where I worked and I told him 4KIDS of South Florida, more specifically our SafePlace Shelter. He knew about 4KIDS. That was cool! Then he started talking about what God was telling him in his devotional this morning and of course that made me more excited. We talked about the struggle of kids in foster care and what happens to him as they age. Additionally he let me know that he has two adopted daughters that are older now.  He also spoke about how God changed his life and his mindset on disciplining children,  habits and addictions, as well as healing emotional wounds. How awesome is that? We spoke for a good 20 minutes and I got to pet Commander. He got a little scared when a train came by and he pooped all over the place, but that’s OK. He’s a horse, what can you do?

Before I left, I asked if we could pray. We did. Christians, take every opportunity you have to pray for people that you “randomly” meet on your daily journey. I know I need to practice this more. You don’t know what is going on in their lives or vice versa. In order to fight the good fight and to not be weary, we need to be covered in prayer.

Anyway, this was definitely a divine appointment this morning. God is doing so much right now to comfort me during this time of ambiguity and  for that I am so very thankful.

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