You Alone Be Praised…

No matter what Lord, YOU alone be praised. 

That’s all I can say. Lord, you be praised through the storm, through the good weather, through the lean and through the plenty. Lord you be lifted high and your name be sang with songs of gratitude, grandiose jubilation, reverence, and love. God your name be high and lifted up. God, in the midst of this I declare , ” Yes Lord, I will obey!”

Through the uncertainty and the fear, I will shout, “Yes Lord, I will stay and wait.”

Though this path is rocky, and I feel like I am in a vice grip, I will remunerate, ” Yes Lord, I have your peace.”

You and you alone are the creator, Elohim.

You and you alone are with me, Emmanuel.

You and you alone are my sovereign provider, Jehovah Jira.

Lord, why did you choose me to take up, this cross? I can’t look back now. I have to keep looking forward with my hands on the plow. This part of the land I have acquired, the territory that has been extended to me is hard, rocky, stubborn, untouched, and scorched. My hands are getting so tired holding on to the handles… bleeding and developing callouses. It’s hot and it’s hard word. I see a shady place to sit down, but I know that my rest has not come yet. There is a lot to be done and time is of the essence. I can’t stop now. I see a pasture in the distance that looks nice and green. I want to go there. I can’t go there, I can’t deviate from this field. I know that soil looks a lot softer to plow and it is a familiar grade.  I could do that and grow things there. But no, I bought this field with everything that I had. I kick at the goads like the oxen, but I do get my wits about me and keep moving. Stay this course, wait for further instruction. At every step of the way God has provided all the tools for me to work this field, the rain to soften the soil, and the co-labors to make this a reality. I was wearing a lot of clothing when I started, but I have since stripped down to the bare essentials since all of that was so weighty. My home is in the distance. This field is so BIG. I ask, ” Can I really do this? Is this humanly possible?” The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘no,’ but God can. God has always been and will continue to be with me at every turn. Thank’s God. I am not worthy.

I am going to stick to that. Boom. There it is.

2 thoughts on “You Alone Be Praised…

  1. Hi Kiddo, if you weren’t my daughter I would adopt you. The sermon Sunday was so meant for me to hear so that I would not worry about you. I will not be a distraction for you during your time with the Lord. I am here, your lamb in the bush if you need a helping hand. I thank God for your patience, for your trust in Him, and your developed faith. He will provide and when you feel like you are at the end of your rope, God is there. You have made the right choice.

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