On the low-low…

I like to bargain shop for clothing. Rarely do I pay full price for anything. If I do it’s because I really like it, and I want to make sure I get my size before it’s gone. I go clothing shopping a couple of times a year. I wear the same thing all the time since we don’t really have seasons here so clothing gets threadbare really quickly. I needed some summer items and went on a quest for awesomeness this afternoon.

This is what I found from Old Navy:


Navy blue boat shoes: originally $24.94, I paid $15.

Denim sneakers: originally $ 17.94, I paid $10.49.

Denim Bermuda shorts: originally$24.94, I paid $12.47.

2 pocket t-shirts: originally $14.94, I paid $5.49 each.

Graphic t-shirt: originally $14.94, I paid $7.47.

Had I paid full price, I would have spent $119.40 including tax. Instead, my total was $59.79 with tax!

I love to shoe shop as well. This past April I purchased three pair of shoes from Off Broadway and only paid $79. The trick is to buy from the sale rack at least month after the new season’s merchandise has debuted. The weather doesn’t change much here in south Florida, so I don’t have to worry about missing out on climate appropriate gear.

I also went to Target and got this dress:

I thought this green semi-chevron striped maxi was stunning. The stripes are angled vertically, hence the semi-chevron look, which makes the dress very comfortable and flattering for curvy figures. This is difficult for these these lycra blend fabrics to achieve. I did pay the full price of $30, but it was worth it especially since I had gotten such a good deal at ON!

Loving my new items! Now I can purge some old things to make room!


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