Double “D” Adventures (Part I)…

I haven’t been here in little a while! I missed the bloggerverse, but I am back now. I have been super busy with work and just life in general. I definitely feel a bit “off” when I haven’t made time for my creative outlet to write. There is so much pent up inside my head that it actually makes me very off-kilter and disoriented when I neglect to do it.

Most recently, David and I took a couple of sojourns that included: Margate and Las Olas.  David and I always have a wonderful time no matter what we do. It could be watching a movie or jumping out of closets in IKEA screaming “I’ve just returned from Narnia!”  (yes, this actually happened). Even though we are very different, the similarities far outweigh the divergences. It’s nice to have a great friend that can match you quirk for quirk, in addition to being on the same plain when it comes to beliefs and life practices.

The Margate Food Truck event was something I have been wanting to do for the past year.


Once a month Margate puts on this smorgasbord of fun with about 25 food trucks and a DJ. People come out in herds with their families, lawn chairs, blankets, and chilled beverages to enjoy the evening.  We had a great time there and ended up closing down the place dancing with strangers to David Guetta and Usher’s “Without You”.

Something about food truck burgers make you want to dance! Well… I don’t know if you would call it dancing with strangers…It was more of a jumping up and down and twirling around in circles…maybe more of a hyper ring-around-the-rosie kind of jig. There was one girl who danced the entire time she was at the event, and I think intrinsically we wanted to boost her self-esteem to let her know that we appreciated her boldness to get jiggy with it in the midst of organized chaos.

Las Olas was a more impromptu type of trip after getting all hyped up with the food trucks. Located in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, we set our course to “cruise” through the crowds of drunk bachelorettes, stoic couples leaving formal events, and vacationers trying to take in every moment of this urban beach town. We went found a wine bar with a quaint courtyard adorned with ivy and chairs complete with a live artist playing acoustic covers. We came in at the tale end of his set so our experience was brief. We made stops at a yogurt place called Yogurt Ur Way, which is part of a growing trend of yogurt places that allow you to pick from all kinds of flavors and toppings, and you pay by the ounce. My favorite establishment of this kind by far is Menchie’s!

Of course the yogurt is just yogurt if you only eat it and stare at each other try to eat all the stuff you piled into your cup. No, Danish and Charlie MUST make the experience extra cray-cray. So while sitting and gawking at the passersby from inside of the shop, we watched other people sitting outside on benches eating their tasty creations and pretended to be them while making up the content of their conversations.


Our meandering led us to various other establishments. We were almost to the end of the strip and we heard live guitar music playing down an alley. Now, I don’t normally recommend wandering down random alleys to music, it might be a trap, but that night seemed innocent. We stumbled upon a wine bar that had a vine-ladened courtyard. In that courtyard there were iron tables and chairs adorned with jarred candles. We didn’t partake of the wine, but we did sit and enjoy the artist who was playing a 90’s indie rock song that escapes my memory. After about 10 minutes it was time to move on. There wasn’t much else to see at the end of the street other than closed kitschy shops for random wares.

As we were getting ready to turn around, we  saw a rickshaw passing us.


David flagged him down and he took us back to the car. In an effort to be more social, I asked the driver his name. You wouldn’t believe it, but his name was DANA! This wasn’t the first time I met a man named Dana. In fact, I meet more men with the moniker than women. That makes me like my name a lot – not because it’s got a vintage masculine undertone, but because it is rare and unique. Maybe if I have a son, he will be Dana, Jr.  No… nevermind.

We were both pretty tired after getting back to the car. It was a great night, and I got a chance to explore and area of Fort Lauderdale that I just dismissed as pretentious and undesirable – much like my sentiments about South Beach.  I would say it was another successful journey to Candy Mountain.

David also journaled about our experience on his blog. Check it out!

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