Double “D” Adventures (Part II)…

David and I are always looking for more fun things to do that will spark creativity and fun. A few months ago David told me that he had never been to the Keys, so of course we HAD to go. We decided to do a one day road trip 150 miles from our home base. The morning started off rather slow with me forgetting my sunglasses and having to buy more at Wal-Mart (I later found them in one of the bags I had with me…doh!).  I thought I loaded up my SunPass, but I didn’t so at every toll I clinched clinched and looked in my rear view mirror to see if the Toll Police were going to have a high speed chase with us all the way down to Card Sound Road.

Harry Harris Park

Our first stop was this wonderful park located in Tavernier Key.


There was an asphalt cul-du-sac on the water that was bordered with rocks. Of course I wanted to take the “car commercial” shot. You can see David in the background taking photos. This guy is such a genius when it comes to capturing the essence of an experience on film, whether still or in motion.  He tries to give me tutorials, but I can’t keep up.

We decided to eat when we reached Marathon. We are both foodies, I more unrestrained than my counterpart. I wish I were as disciplined as him at times….but then there are brownies. For every brownie that you don’t enjoy, a kitten is denied a ball of yarn. THINK OF THE KITTENS!

Wooden Spoon

Anyway, we found this place called the Wooden Spoon. David captured this eatery very well in his blog. This homestyle diner-like mecca of deliciousness and  yummtastical goodness offered rather large helpings of non-prepackaged options. Even though it was lunch time, we both opted for breakfast.


I had an egg white omelette (it was stuffed with bacon and cheese….who needs yolks?), and David enjoyed country-friend steak. My biscuit was the size of my hand and I was pretty greedy when eating it since there was am ample offering of wonderful clover honey. It was a fun experience there because we don’t get the opportunity to dine at many non-chain establishments.

Turtle Hospital


The next stop in Marathon was the Turtle Hospital. This is the place where they rescue, rehabilitate, and release sea turtles that have been injured by the waste and negligence of us humans (mega sad face). I didn’t realize that there were five different species of sea turtles here in South Florida, nor did I realize how delicate they were. You would assume that with their hard shells they were almost invincible. We learned that if a boat or anything hard happens to hit their shell that it will create a deformity, which allows air bubbles to get trapped inside of the shell. This deformity is called Bubble Butt, a condition is named after a turtle, Bubble Butt, who has been at the hospital for 21 years. He is a permanent resident because these bubbles will never go away. Sea turtles must be able to dive to the bottom of the sea floor in order to sleep/rest as well as feed on algae, coral life, fish, jellyfish, etc. If they have this deformity they cannot dive and eventually they will starve or become impacted with sea trash, which also leads to death. At the hospital these turtles are outfitted with weights that are attached to their shell. Because these weights are going to fall off at some point, the turtles can never leave the hospital. The weights must be reattached after a certain period of time. The turtles seemed to be content (as content as a contained animal can be) in their habitat with the other turtles. They played and did tricks for food (not really, but they ate these pellets used for treats). Here are a few of the many pictures of took of the residents:



This was a lot of fun for me because I had never seen a sea turtle. They were so cute and had names like Taco, Crush, and Hook. I wanted to put all of them in my purse. That would have been physically impossible, except for cute little Crush…he was a baby! I love all things nature, and to remember that all creatures were created by God makes me fall in love with the Lord even more. These animals are just as wonderfully and fearfully made as I am. I bought a necklace that said “I love sea turtles” But I lost if before we even got to Key West. I am convinced that it is in a bag or somewhere in my car. I must find it!

Did you enjoy your NatGeo lesson for the day?

On ward to Part III: Key West!


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