Double “D” Adventures (Part III): The grand finale…

KEEEEYYYY WWEEESSTTT Y’ALL! Our trip began it’s ending in Key West!

Yes, after a trip to the Pigeon Key Historic Railroad gift Shop and a rather scenic drive over the seven mile bridge, we made it the southern most tip of the United States!


 I could have made this all one blog post, but you would have been scrolling for days. I wanted to have some sympathy and consideration for my readers. I love you very much!

When we arrived it was time to park the car and change the wardrobe (it was so hot and humid, but we were prepared with extra clothes). We rented bikes to make our way through the various streets on the key. We started out walking to Mallory square and looking at all of the historical artifacts that had weathered the test of time. We were also scoping a place to watch the sunset.  That was the second reason to our trip in the first place (reason 1: David had never been; reason 2: See the sun set on the west coast; reason 3: Start Renewed with God…that detail is yet to come).

After walking around we rented beach cruiser bikes. That was so much fun! We rode around the streets like little kids during the summer time trying to race the street lights home.  by the time we arrived in Key West, many of the museums were closed or were almost closed so we just enjoyed scoping around. We did see the famous bouy, but there was a line to take pictures with it….really? So, david snapped one as we road away to see some other sites.

I loved seeing the Banyan trees in front of the cozy Bed and Breakfast Inns!


After riding for what seemed like hours were were going to settle on eating at a restaurant on the marina, but David spotted something better around the corner. Vendors had tried to bait us with a sunset cruise for $50 per person including all you could eat buffets and beer…ugh gross to both.  Around the back of this timeshare residence, David saw a pier that extended into the ocean. It was prime real estate to see a sunset! We parked our bikes and ran to the pier. The sun was descending. It was also a restaurant so we ordered food. It was pretty, but overpriced and underwhelming.


BUT…. We got the Money Shot!


The beautiful sunset over the west was gorgeous. I could watch this every night and be content. I love the strength and majesty of the water.

After the sun was completely gone and the moon came up, we set out for the last part of our journey. Prior to our trip, David said to write down all the things that were holding me back. Basically things that remunerated in my psyche which were burdening me and holding me back from all that God truly wanted me to be. We were to also find rocks so we could wrap our papers around these rocks and cast them into the ocean. David mentioned that it was the significant of casting the millstone into the ocean, representing casting sin away and what God feels should happen to those who cause sin in the lives of others. We found a spot that seemed kind of private in the moonlight, away from the crowds. We prayed and then right before time to throw the in, we exchanged them symbolizing how friends (help carry and cast away burdens for one another), which is Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

It was a very sweet moment. Somewhere in that darkness was our cray-cray… given to the Lord so that we may begin anew. This was the southern most point of the United States. The end of where our temporary citizenship resided.


Next, we had to find some Key lime pie. How can you go to Key West and not same it’s signature namesake dessert?! We rode up and down Duval Street and finally found Haagen Dazs that was still open who also sold chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick. You haven’t had delicious until you have had this! I had never had it before, so It was a wonderful treat.


By midnight, it was time to head back to Broward County. What a day! What an adventure. It was one that I will never forget.

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