While I’m Waiting…

Life can be categorized as a several periods of waiting, preparation, and movement. It is cyclical with various rotations and times in each stage. Right now I am in a waiting period and it is very maddening because of all of the unknowns. I am a patient person to a certain extent. I can be rather impulsive, but God knows exactly what he is doing at this moment. I am only given one day at a time. He has allowed me some wiggle room with projections maybe a month in advance, but mainly on the things that are for entertainment value. Even those opportunities have to be planned loosely because other plans may have to intercede.

So while I am waiting, I will worship, praise, pray, serve, help, and do whatever God calls me to do in the meantime.  I know it won’t make this time go by any quicker, but my prayer is for it to make it a sweeter season in my life. I want to be able to look back at this time and have the satisfaction that I did things in the manner God wanted me to do them.

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