Creative Loafing…

Many people work a traditional 8am- 5pm professional regime. Those that don’t have odd shift hours like evening, overnights, and varying shift by the week.  I am among these people. I work 3-11pm during the week. It’s tough sometimes, but there are perks. I can actually workout in the mornings, and also run errands during standard business hours. The challenge is that most of my friends have the traditional hours people work. I miss a lot of after work phone calls. I do have weekends off, so they get full very quickly.

This schedule, which is one I have never encountered in my career until now, has required for me to do some creative things when it comes to hanging out with friends. Two people in particular, Caleine and Amanda have been part of this creative hangout.

We get together for breakfast.

While many friends break bread together to break the fast of the night, this is has become a very big necessity for me in order to nurture friendships. Sometimes I am unreachable for weekend sojourns, so frequently we will plan to meet at a diner or make breakfast at my place.

One particular instance was with Amanda. She was coming to my place for breakfast that I was making.  I had some fruit, eggs, bacon, and cheese – but the kicker is that Amanda doesn’t “do” eggs. Welp…yea what now because most mornings I am just making it out of bead barely at 8am since I get home from work well after 11pm even though that denotes the end of my shift. I don’t really have time to grab something at Publix or IHOP.

I had the bright idea of making pancakes. My mom used to make them from scratch for me and my brother when we were little so I picked up the recipe pretty easily. I did everything as I was supposed to, at least I thought. That morning Amanda texted me at 8:17am to let me know she was on her way for our 8:30am meeting (we live in the same condo complex). Great, I thought, I could go ahead and make the pancakes since they are gross when they get cold.

8:20am this was the result:


Seriously?!  Aint nobody got time for that! Literally! I was panicked. What went wrong? I went back to my flour.  Great… I used just plain old flour. I do baking that requires me to use yeast so I don’t always buy self-rising flour. I was praying that I had some baking powder somewhere. I DID, praise the LORD! So I quickly made up another batch with the baking powder and at 8:30am I had these beauties ready for Amanda, just in time to hear her knock on the door:


We both had a great breakfast. I had eggs ;0).



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