I Wanted to get Chocolate Wasted (spoilers included for $19.95)…

… But I was denied!


Most people may LQTT (Laugh Quietly To Themselves) when they remember that famous line from the young Feder tot in Grown Ups staring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, Selma Hayek, and Rob Schnieder. David and I excitedly planned to see the sequel, hoping that it would deliver just as much enjoyment as the first one. The movie dawns the same cast with the exception of Rob Schnieder, who had one of the funniest parts in the first movie.

So, we I buy our tickets and sit patiently watching previews. The movie starts outs with a deer peeing on everyone in the Feder family (Sandler’s character’s family) home. Really? You could see the cheap and poorly integrated graphics. It goes downhill from there. Crude, slap-stick humor with absolutely NO PLOT WHATSOEVER. Taylor Lautner was in the movie playing a ridiculous role that was semi funny. I spent most of the scene involving him trying to figure out of he was actually the one doing the flips on the rock continuously or if it was a stunt double. We walked out about 45 minutes into the movie…

The exodus began with me sending David a text in the movies that said “Tengo Hombre.” Then he spent the next 15 minutes trying to figure out what it said before he asked if I was ready to leave.

It was a sad, sad day in film history.

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