When God Speaks…

Today God spoke. It was definitely one of those “Whisper” moments. What I mean by that is many times I am doing something that has nothing to do with anything and then a thought in a small voice pops into my head. Today that voice said something that I have heard before, but it had new context. This was about an area of my life that I have been praying about for years now and the Lord spoke very finitely. 

I’ll leave  the specifics of what was said to my personal journal, but I will say I was quite the cynic this morning.  My response was a blatant “Yeah right we will see.” I was quickly brought to rebuke with another whisper that specifically said “Sarai [Sarah] laughed…” and that was it. My moment was over. 

So, my struggle at this moment is not the determination of God’s word and promises being true, infallible, and unchanging. My issue is knowing when it’s the Lord or just my own conscious. I am quick to dismiss it to me being overzealous in optimism, but because I have seen His miracles I do not stay a critic for long. 

So right now, with all the changes that are going on in this new season, Lord I want a heart open to receive what you want me to have. Soften my heart. Help me to walk in expectation of the unexpected. Help me to grasp the truth of what seems unlikely. Help me to be faithful to the result of the future, that will be my present. 


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