Do you know your neighbor?

As I was walking from my car to my apartment after church tonight I realize that someone was walking behind me…and it was a little too close for comfort. I took a furtive glance over my shoulder and I felt a little more at ease because it was a woman, but why did it feel like she was about to run me down?!

I walked a little faster and  was hoping that she was going to break cadence with me by going up the stairs, but that was a no go. I stopped at the mailbox, and she stopped too! She laughed as she went to her box, which was right beside mine. I introduced myself, and she did the same. She said she was in the apartment directly to the left of me!

Get this… we drive the same car (well slightly different model) in the SAME color. So funny.

So I met a new person in my neighborhood. I don’t think she is a creeper even though our introduction was almost a little cray.


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