Creations by “Cupcake”: Harvest Pistachio Pumpkin Seed Butter

harvest butterI need some smaller Mason Jars!

I haven’t always liked peanut butter. I still only like it on some things like apples and the classic PB&J sandwich. A couple of years ago I discovered the natural stir peanut butter when I had some dietary restrictions with sugar and whoa was I hooked! Now, all other peanut butters taste like sweet plastic. My favorite is Smucker’s All Natural. Even thought I love it, this is an expensive food item costing between $3.50 – $4 per jar. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but if I eat an apple a day with some peanut butter it adds up!

I looked up some recipes online and I found that making natural peanut butter is really easy – peanuts, salt, oil (not olive), and a little bit of sugar. When I went to find some peanuts I had a hard time. All of them were shelled and I was not about to spend an hour shelling peanuts. Boo! So I decided I would try it with pistachios and pumpkin seeds.  Note: these two nuts do not naturally have as much oil as peanuts so you will have to add more of your own; I used sunflower oil. You can let the nut butter sit out overnight to let the oil separate and then you can sieve some off the top to keep the caloric content lower.

I added some yummy fall flavors like nutmeg, pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, and 1 tablespoon of natural cane sugar. It takes a bit of time to process, but well worth the wait, and it’s spectacular on Granny Smith apples!


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