Creations by “Cupcake”: Spaghetti Squash with Vegetables

spaghettie squash
(that’s not bacon folks, but I wish it was!)

I don’t really care for traditional spaghetti. I will eat it, but afterward I could go without it for a year or so. This is just me and pasta in general. I like it, but I don’t love it. Same goes for rice. Anyway, I made a spaghetti squash by cutting it in half, removing the seeds and strings, adding olive oil and spices, and baking it on 380ºF for an hour. After taking it out I scraped out the meat with a fork, which pulls away from the rind like spaghetti noodles, hence the name. I dressed it up with  steamed spinach and broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, and some herbs. It was a delicious dinner!


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