Lost in the fog…

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Fog is a beautiful phenomenon.  It is delicate and forceful all at the same time. While it is picturesque and ethereal, there looms a real danger in its midst. Mariners dread fog because it obscures reality. Before the invention of lighthouses, sea voyagers would meet certain shipwreck if they collided with rocky and mountainous coastlines. Lighthouses were invented in order to abate these sea disasters due to low visibility of the shore at night, during storms, and in foggy weather.  As long as the lighthouse was in operation, sailors would be forewarned of the shore.

Sometimes there is a thick fog rolls upon my countenance.  It actually is a telling sign that there are tumultuous waters brewing inside me. Most times I am even surprised by the mist. It will happen all of a sudden when a flood of varying emotions overtake me and I am unable to compartmentalize what is going on.  I will have so many emotions pulsing through my being that I can’t make out what I am feeling. Then I become extremely quiet because I am completely overwhelmed, and there are no words to formulate what I am feeling. I shut down. It’s the perfect quiet storm.

It is very easy for me to stay in the fog and let the ships (people/relationships) crash and burn on the shore. What that looks like is ongoing silence with never any explanation of what’s churning. In other words, the lighthouse is out. In my singleness the fog rolled on for days and sometimes even months before I realized that I had a way to see through it’s thickness. Now that there is a fellow traveler on the seas of life, I cannot afford to forget my most important resource.  The lighthouse in all it’s wonderful glory is God. He is a offers warning, hope, reassurance, and clarity.

Today was one of those foggy days. It was a bit scary and albeit surprising because of the many good days that had transpired before. David was gracious and patient to give me the space I needed. This familiar territory that we had both experienced before, and was not one in which I wanted to dwell. In life we choose how we deal with our emotions. Even when we don’t deal with them, we are making a choice.

What caused the fog? It was actually something very positive. During time of study the reality of what is ahead of us both pressed down on me. It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of new seasons and opportunities that sometimes we forget that there is a cost involved, there is work to be done, and that the journey will not be easy. The lighthouse this time was on. I chose to see the beacon before me showing me grace and also giving me the fortitude to rebuke the silence.

Whether the lighthouse is on or off is our choice. Whether or not we call on God I believe correlates to our level of faith that He will right whatever is wrong that sits before us. This time, I chose to allow the light to penetrate my fog. The emotions I had shored themselves safely and there were no casualties.

Relationships will ALWAYS face storms, but success is not about avoiding them. Success is determined by how we weather them: how we prepare our ships before sailing, If we utilize our map and other directional resources, and how we utilize all of the safety measures in the midst. Questions  all Christian couples need to ask, especially those preparing for the season of marriage, include : what time was spent preparing individually with the Lord before the relationship, and how are those lessons learned being utilized now; how are both individuals growing together and utilizing the Bible, Bible based studies, as well as spiritual mentors;  and in times of challenge and crisis how are the two referring back to what was learned so that decisions can be based on truth and not assumptions? Coming through challenges we must always remember that God has made promises for which we have to be patient because it develops trust (faith) in the Lord. This is part of the process and we will always be tested on what we should know.

All I can say is that I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with someone who truly exudes patience, grace, love, respect, and leadership. There is a lot to be learned by the both of us, and it is the desire of our hearts to do exactly as the Lord commands.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5


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