Do you really want to know how God loves you?


He actually gives us a similar capacity. I can’t say the same because we are severely flawed by our own sin, but we can come close. He is still the perfecter of what true agape love is and he showed this with his son Jesus who died for each and every one of us. The hope of this is that we will embody a love for one another that is encouraging, persevering, uplifting, truthful, sacrificial, kind, and honorable.

It’s rare that I find secular music that illustrates biblical sentiments. but I think Katy Perry does a pretty good job of this. It is obvious that she is referring to another person in the aspect of some type of relationship. With that said, I do believe that the Lord allows us to do express the love he has given to us in the context of romantic relationships. In fact, I believe that helpmates are the tangible gift that the Lord gives us in order to demonstrate the strength of his loving bond for us because we are his creation.

With that gift comes a lot of challenges, which includes learning how to yield to him as he brings us into better communication with each other. The foundation of this is unconditional love which means acceptance of everything about that person with no expectation that they will change, but with a hopefulness that the Lord will do his work in them. If that is something to which someone cannot agree, then the relationship will find itself  beyond repair. Not that we have to be perfect before coupling, but we need to be in a place of reality to our own sin and have a heart willing to be changed by the Lord. Additionally, we need to be able to exhibit patience while the other is sanctified. This is not easy and it is a huge request we ask of one another when we do enter into a relationship. I believe that should that challenge be accepted, the Lord will equip both partners to endure the journey and the battles that they face along the way and the result will be a rewarding and fruitful partnership.

The love we share with each other is what the Lord offers to us, but it is magnified and compounded more than we could ever imagine. I think the biggest question is “How do we make this a reality among ALL of our relationships?” It is easy to apply this fact to love between a man and a woman, but what about our friends and family? We are called to love them unconditionally too.  Hmm, something to truly ponder and pray about.

Lord, please bolster me where I fall short and show me how to love like you.

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