Top Ten Reasons How I Know I’m Not Ready To Be A Mom…

I don’t see myself having kids for a bit….5 -10 years maybe… Ok 10 years may be a bit much, but somewhere in that range. I’m still a Toys ‘R’ Us Kid myself!

10. I have no money.

9. I can barely eat and drink without spilling it on myself.

8. Crying…

7. I like to eat my food when it’s hot.

6. They have to come out…..of you (even adoption can be hard and painful).

5. My feet are tender; stepping on Legos could be deadly.

4. I have anxiety about places like Disney World, Monkey Joe’s, and Chuckie Cheese.

3. I’m not married (out of all of the reasons, this is one of the most serious ones for me. If you like it and you wanna put a baby in it, you better put a ring on it… oh oh oh..oh oh ohhhhh ohh oh oh ohhhoh oh!)

2. I don’t want to share my toys

1. I require massive amounts of uninterrupted sleep.

Yep… that pretty much explains everything….


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