Jury Duty…

So,  I am on Jury Duty. Yea I am on a case. I will definitely say that this experience has been pretty great. I have been able to get to know seven other cool people. I don’t know of a lot of people cheer when they receive a jury summons in the mail. I am not sure how many people refrain from speaking under their breath about how inconvenient it is to have to take unscheduled time off from work regardless of getting paid.

Anyway, one of my prayers while waiting for the panels to be selected for each of the judges was that the Lord would change my attitude. I was not happy about being there because I just started working in a new position and I was enjoying learning new things. Also, I just been assigned three new projects and I wanted to make some headway because there are things that need to be done before the end of 2013 (I can’t believe I am even saying that, and that is a whole other blog post about how freakishly fast this year went by). Fast forward, I get put on a panel. Questions begin, introductions happen. The final 8 jurors are chosen…including me. YAY I got picked momma!

As time goes on the other jurors and I begin to bond….over cookies. While waiting in the reception area to be taken our courtroom we notice another group of jurors who have plastic juror badges. Now hey, my team and I only got paper sticker badges. WHAT?! So we start snapping like Westside Story (we were the Sharks).

“How you get those badges, man? You special? You being sequestered?” 

I think one of their brood (the Jets) thought they were being funny when they asked if we have to get new badges every day. Yeah of course. But then I said “We have cookies.” This was what showed us that we were in fact the favored jurors. The Jets got plastic badges, but no cookies or coffee. 

As we are in the deliberation room waiting for the end of a counsel sidebar with the judge, we started talking about Oreos. I don’t know how, but I will say we talked about food for every break. GMO foods being crazy, how tilapia was probably the fish Jesus gave the 5,000, the Wooden Spoon deliciousness, (I even broke out my instagram), and Wholefoods. We ended up telling the bailiff about our love for Oreos. Before we were dismissed, the bailiff handed the judge a white piece of paper, and the judge said:

“The bailiff has informed me that the jurors would enjoy Oreos.”  Yea…I am fully expecting to find Oreos in the deliberation room very soon.

Sharks 2…Jets 0,

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