Georgia On My Mind…

It’s Christmas time! This morning I made the long journey to Atlanta, where I accredit all of my southern charm (hotlanta woot!).

Something about road trips gives me an extra dose of adrenaline and also dread, depending on the distance. Well, from where I live now, Atlanta (more specifically Covington) is about 700 miles away (equal parts dread and excitement).  I started my journey at about 1:45am and got in at 11:30am. I had some good tunes, all thanks to my new friend Axel!

Who is Axel?

Axel is the newest (German) member of the Danish family. The car that I had was a lease and I was pretty anxious to get out of it. I had about six months left and I got an incredible deal on a 2014 Passat (big kudos to Gunter Volkswagon of Fort Lauderdale!). This gentlemanly sir of a car rockstar is very sporty and earned me a speeding ticket (ok, ok, my lead foot earned it BUT hey it’s a german car…I needed to test my speed! I just forgot about the South Georgia speed traps). How fast? 92/70. Yeah I know…

So I am here, safe and sound. Chillin’ with my peeps. Well, the ‘rents are out and my nephew is engrossed with some new gadgets (we played some video games a little earlier…wow I am overstimulated by that).

Glad to be where I call “home,” even though I have been in Florida for a little over eight years now. I will always be a Peach, no matter where I end up!

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