The Story of My Life….

This video is a similar depiction of how I view my life. No, I don’t work as a proverbial gypsy, but my life has very nomadic tendencies.  Thank GOD I have not been to that many weddings (depressing actually – makes you feel like something is wrong with you lol). Her percentages for what she wants in life are a bit different than mine (mine – 100% spiritual desire – I don’t live in angst about being spiritual, I make an effort to have a life that results from my relationship with God. The other breakdowns would  be 50% to be married, 49.9% to be free, and .1% to have kids).  I don’t have crazy artifacts from ex-boyfriends stored up lol… I don’t know how she lives with those videos. That would be entirely too painful for me.

Anyway, the overall message is my resolve that I verbalized to myself a few weeks ago. I want to live and love it, and have my best life today. It all begins with me and my attitude of acceptance. God can open many doors, answer prayers in my favor, bless me, whatever. BUT I must choose to accept those things and see them as benefits for today, and not toil as if I will only have satisfaction in the results of tomorrow.

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