Tonight I got home fairly late for a work night (after 7:30pm). Thankfully, I was not at work past 5, but just out running errands. Anyway. I got home and I was hangry.

No that is not a typo… I was HANGRY! According to Urban Dictionary, hangry means being so hungry that you become angry, frustrated, or both.  Yes…. I totally legitimized Urban Dictionary. I had a mild case. I wasn’t about to throw things yet, but I was getting there. I was fully aware and resolved about what I was going to cook for dinner. I was having Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper. My ground meat needed help with some cheese and noodles.

About five years ago I made Hamburger Helper and I overdosed, causing a quaint little session where I sang to the porcelain fairies for about an hour. At that moment I vowed not to eat anything that came from the creepily bloated fingers of “Helping Hand!” Flash five years into the future (to Thursday) and I decide “hey it’s probably better now and it’s only $1.52 so let’s get some meat and throw caution to the wind.”

As I browned my meat, I thought of when I would be excited to make some kind of new and adventurous cuisine for someone special. There is something about being coupled up that gives you a whole new vibe of creativity. In singledom I am quite fine eating cereal, and honestly I realize this is cheating. I am defrauding myself of real life.  Even in my now more budget conscious existence, I can definitely  find some better ways to  satiate my appetite.

Why do we do this? In a love affair we become a person with so much to give and when it’s gone, we shrink into these little shells of our former selves waiting for something to come and fill us again.

BUT it doesn’t have to be this way.

See, our job is to be whole, full, vibrant, loving, kind, and truly extraordinary. We are to be vulnerable. Give everything. Don’t save anything for yourself. Give it away….what use do you have for it in isolation anyway?

I do have some more awesome meals planned… like the butter chicken that’s on the menu sometime next week. Or the Tikki Marsala that will come next. Sure there will be nights when I settle on an omelette or cereal, but I am not giving up on creativity just because I am sharing it in my home with only the sound of my voice. I am looking forward to spending time with me and enjoying every single moment. I’m already doing it. Single people problems don’t really seem like problems at all…more like opportunities for being awesome.  Can you imagine what will happen when two awesome people meet each other? BOOM….my mind is officially blown.

Life is good, y’all.  Eat. Pray. Love.




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