The Silver Lining…

dana free b

Through despair, hurt, suffering, and sorrow there is always and uptick. It may not be in the way that you think it ought to be. It may not even come when  you think it should. The uptick comes when and how it was design – in time. There is a lesson in every challenge. Trials build strength. The past three months have been a trial, and good seeds were brought forth. I want to take those seeds, plant them in fertile soil, and nurture them so good fruit is produced. Those seeds are basically the overhaul of life as I have known it for the past eight years.  My adulthood morphed into this weird dichotomy of professional harvest and personal drought.

No more.

It has left me questioning my own identity. The nature and essence of Dana – who’s that girl? Well, in order have different, one must BE different. In order to be different one much ACT differently. In order to act different, one must THINK differently. In order to think different, one mus BELIEVE differently.

Well… I know I have worth and purpose. I am positive that my life has meaning.  I desire more for myself, and I know that God has equipped me for greatness. I am intellectual, creative, adventurous, mindful, and loving. I want all of these traits to be evident in the light that God has implanted in my being.

In essence, this year I want…

  1. To be a memory keeper (find ways to savor and cherish moments with loved ones)
  2. To live my best life now (be healthy, practice healthy principals, be joyful)
  3. To feed my intellect and imagination (read, write, study)
  4. To be consistent (be prepared, plan ahead, follow the plan)
  5. To be authentic (keep in touch, take time, be present)

I took some time this week to write out the specifics and I fully intend on seeing this through for 2014 and beyond.

This is only beginning.

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