Gimmie Dat Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake….

Ok, before you go and accuse me of being ratchet and obscene…. please understand I am talking about real cake. I only just learned about the cray-cray dirty connotation to ‘cake’ about a week ago. THANKS RIHANNA FOR RUINING MY BAKING LIFE! I ain’t about that bidness!

I digress…

I was commissioned to make a tasty treat for a co-worker’s baby shower. She said that she liked white cake and raspberry. So I am venturing to make a butter cake with raspberry filling and a lemon cream cheese frosting….all* from scratch.

*The raspberry filling is pre-made. I have not figured out a good way to make a good seedless berry filling that isn’t either a crazy gelatinous mess or runny.

So I sit here waiting for the cake to finish baking… I love they way pastries make your home smell!

That was the highlight of my day I suppose. I brought home some work-work to do, but of course I didn’t do it (womp womp). I can’t seem to get that going and part of me doesn’t want to. I want work to stay at the building where I call work unless I have to do it from home for some reason. I guess I may take a look before bedtime so I don’t go to work completely freaking out about deadlines.

Here’s to the weekend! I hope that you enjoyed yours :). I can’t wait for it to come again in a few days.


Here’s that cake, cake,cake, cake, cake…. (this is actually version #2…)

raspberry cake


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