The Great Divorce…

I broke up with Fred. Well we were married, and now… well we are not. I feel free, even though I know he is still lurking around. I feel stronger, even though I am sure he is running behind me trying weigh me down again. I said what I needed to say. I did what I needed to do. Now here I am.

This past week, was the last week I was allowing Fred to be in my space, at least knowingly. I threw him and all of his stuff in a canal.

I am sure at this point you are wondering who or what ‘Fred’ is, and what I am talking about. Well, Fred is FEAR. Fear has held me back from the things I have desired, wanted to say, and places I dared to go. Since fear isn’t something you can see in your hand, I carried around a potato in my purse for a week. Tonight, I threw him in a canal…him and all he represents.

This season, I have been in a valley. Drudging through the mire. Experiencing small hills during my journey. I have reached the foothills of a mountain, and I am about to start the climb. I can’t have Fred weighing me down. So, he had to go… now…it’s me who has to get moving.

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