Moving On…

I am FINALLY ending this season. For a number of years, I have been whining about wanting to be home, finding my fit, and leaving Florida. I look at what I was writing about this time last year, and it’s uncanny how similar it was to my life now (life truly is cyclical if we aren’t careful).  I have been praying about the next step of my life, and asking for wisdom about where I should go at this point. I realized that I needed to be closer to family. For a long time I dispelled the option to go home… meaning my home state. I was intent on moving from Florida to a new frontier.  What I didn’t consider was maybe this new frontier would be on a familiar turf.

So to put it out there, I am moving back to Atlanta in July.

There is a bit of excitement welling up in my spirit because of the new opportunities to reconnect with family and friends in ways that I couldn’t as a 22 year old brat (now I am a 31 year old brat). To be able to have a restart in a safe place…all I can say is “THANK YOU GOD!” It’s funny because last year I stated that I wanted a restart in August 2014.  I do believe that it will happen.

The hardest part was realizing that it was truly time for this season here in Florida to end. I have had opportunities to pick up and leave before, but none of those times felt quite right. For the first time it feels right. Plus, God uses a lot of markers for me to draw conclusions regarding completeness.

My life in this season has come full circle. Let’s begin…

  • 2005 – Moved from Atlanta to Miami (in the 10th month on the 8th day)
  • I had a silver 2005 VW Jetta
  • I left a position that I had only had about five months. I really liked the people, but I was restless
  • I started working in Higher Education
  • I went to graduate school
  • I got restless
  • 2007 – I was promoted to Director
  • I moved four times within  Miami-Dade and Broward counties
  • 2008 – I graduated from grad school
  • 2010 – On the heels of a broken engagement, I had a spiritual revolution and was given the verse Psalm 46:10.
  • 2011 – Left Higher Education and started working in full-time ministry
  • My entire life was ministry focused and God-centered
  • My priorities began to change and shift more than they had when I first moved to South Florida
  • I worked two jobs in full-time ministry and held four different positions
  • I moved three more times
  • 2013 – had a relationship that helped to restore hope in something good even thought it was challenging and tested the boundaries of true love
  • 2014 – I am moving from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta (in the 7th month on the 10th day)
  • In my devotional time today I watched a sermon on Psalm 46, the entire chapter.
  • I have moved seven times in nine years, going back to Atlanta will be move number eight
  • This year, 2014, I will pack up my silver 2014 VW Passat to travel back….home….

It may not look like it to you, but I see so many things coming together.

  • (2005) Five is the number that stands for grace in the Bible. I was given grace and asylum to leave Atlanta. I needed and escape and I needed to learn about my heavenly Father more intimately in a place where there was no true comfort.  I moved on October 8, 2005.  The 10th month signifying divine order (10 commandments) – this was purposed and timely. The eight day signifying a new beginning in my life, and of course we addressed the number five.
  • (2007) The work I had been doing was finally being recognized and I was given more responsibility; a new covenant.
  • (2008) I was in a new relationship and had new opportunity with the completion of graduate school. I was given a new salary as well. This was three years from the time I arrived (three divine completion).
  • (2009) I made poor decisions. Nine – the number of judgement. I didn’t know it yet, but I was about to fall pretty hard the next year and I was about to be in a place that was self-inflicted financial hardship because of that choice. The saving grace is that I was at a level of maturity to see what was going on and I was finally ready to listen to what God had been whispering, but I had been too distracted to hear.
  • (2010) Five years later, again God showed me grace by opening  my eyes to see the truth of my relationship. The man I was going to marry was not who God intended for me. The number 10 comes again as God was making me more aware of my life, and I began to take a spiritual and personal inventory. I was realizing that something was not right…something was off, but what?
  • (2011) Six years after coming to Florida, I left my first job here. Six is the number of man signifying the work and toil as well as the six hours that Christ suffered on the cross as final atonement for sin. My personal work had been completed for this season, and it was crucified when I decided to leave. The number 11 signifies disorder. God began to show me the things in my life that had been keeping me from realizing true joy. The things that were my own personal prison and the source of my spiritual dryness. I left and started working in an environment that incubated me in nothing but Jesus.
  • (2012) I was tested this year. I explored the depths of my own brokenness. I also allowed myself to fall because of temptation, but redemption was on the horizon. Psalm 51, Hebrews 12:1-5, and the book of Philippians were important readings during this year. I received a stiff warning from the Lord and grace again abounded in my life.
  • (2013) The eighth year of my sojourn in Florida signified a new beginning. I experienced a relationship with a man that helped me to understand how I related to all men. All the things I had been learning through the Bible and Christian books about relationships was put to the test. I was renewed in spirit and hopeful. Even though this union only lasted a year, it was purposed and good.
  • (2014) The ninth year of my season – the number of judgment. This season is coming to a close. God is judging my character and has given me a choice to continue to seek my own ambition or to submit his will and exercise the things I have learned since the beginning of this journey. I have chosen my family and a new path. The number fourteen can be seen as two sevens or a double portion of spiritual perfection as well as deliverance. I see that this season is concluding and I am being delivered from this storm I have been experiencing over the past nine years. I will leave on July 10, 2014. The seventh month, in the perfection of God’s will I am moving on.  What will August bring?


  • I have spent three years working in ministry. Three signifies divine perfection.  In those three years, I have work in four different positions. Four signifies creation and God’s creativity. I have been transformed in this season. A new work. A mosaic of the sum total of my broken pieces, now a beautiful work of art.
  • I have lived in seven different places during this season.
  • My ages. At the age of 22, I moved here. The number two signifies division as well as double portion. I was a double-minded individual when I moved to Florida like the waves of the ocean as described in James –  I went back and forth (be holy or be a heathen). Now I am leaving at the age of 31: three signifying completeness and one describing unity. I am in no way perfect, but God has perfected in me a unified mind, body, and soul for this time period. I am leaving with my mind on God and his goodness.
  • I am leaving with a car nine years newer than the one I had when I first arrived and interestingly it is made by the same manufacturer – just an upgraded make a model.

It’s amazing how God pieces our lives together, if we let him. I am excited about what is to come. I know it won’t be easy. I don’t know what I am going to encounter. I pray that I am not slapped in the face with crazy hardship. I pray that I am able to walk out all of the wonderful teachings that the Lord has placed in my life.  I want to walk behind God as he lights my path. I am not perfect. I will still sin and make mistakes in the future.  I have not arrived anywhere, but to the edge of another season where I must be broken again and remade. I am at a new level and I must keep going up the staircase until I finally reach my destination of my heavenly home. Until then, the Lord will continue to show me my life in numbers, signs, wonders, and miracles.


Wanna read some stuff about Biblical numerology? Go here…oh and here.


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