Being Lazy and Motivated at the Same Time…

I went grocery shopping today. Grocery shopping is overwhelming unless I plan the outing at at time when volume is down (less crowded stores). When I got home, and thought about prepping for the week… I shut down. When I shut down, it’s not good for anyone. Thankfully all of the items I purchased needed to be in the fridge.

I got home, and did this:



I know you are probably thinking, “Wow! This is really sad Dana. Who stuffs all of their groceries  into the fridge without even taking them out of the bags?!” Apparently I do. And I am not ashamed! I AM NOT ASHAMED! I am not repeating it because I am trying to convince myself. No, I am totally fine with it. In fact, I chuckled a couple of times. The good thing is that I did come my senses and get prepared for the week.  I am back on the juice – literally.

This week will be a combination of Granny Smith apples, celery, collard greens, kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and beets.


I separated the juicier items from the dryer ones.  I waffled back and forth about whether or not to cut the apples ahead of time, but ultimately I decided to go ahead and chop them up and douse them with lemon juice so that I can just grab and go in the mornings. So…I am not a total slacker. I just need things to be in a certain way and it’s all or nothing.  If I don’t have to go all the way, then I go nowhere. No half way. This is my strength and weakness. At least there is noted success for this week!

I am also pretty excited about lunch and dinner too. Lunches this week will consist of  Amy’s black bean burritos, and plantain chips with salsa and guacamole. For dinner I have polenta with broccoli, portabello mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes. I think this is going to be a good week.


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