I am in a reflective mood. I will perhaps be in this mood for quite some time. I am making an effort to evaluate my experience here in Florida. I want to get every ounce of wisdom that can be learned from my residency. The lens I use must be focused on the realization that God fashioned each of us to connect, love, nourish, and admonish others. The starfish story makes me realize that we work diligently to touch one life at a time (listen to it in the video above – some versions tell of a young boy as the starfish thrower, but since I am a lady, I found one with a girl).

What you do and say to people MATTERS!

Your efforts, no matter how small or big, MATTER!

It’s not about quantity, but quality and care. The young lady in the story was working quickly, but she knew that she was only one person and could do what she could do. She realized that her efforts helped each starfish that got thrown back into the ocean. She may not have been able to save them all, but she was able to save the ones that got saved.

We may want to make a difference to the world, but we have to start with one person. That first person has to be ourselves. We need God to do a work in us to prepare us to help others. Besides, people who are emotionally broken and in pain make self-absorbed choices and may not be able to be as helpful as they could be when balanced. When we are able to get our balance in life, then we can go about finding the starfish loved ones to usher back into the surf.

When we are unbalanced, God will send a starfish thrower for us. When we get back to good, we will be the starfish thrower to someone else.

The past week has shown me that my time here in Florida has not been in vain. Deep down I always knew it, but it has been nice to see the fruit of the work. There have been a lot of people to come into my life in this season that I have grown to love and cherish. I was able to spend precious time with a few of them throughout this week. They have helped me to find the ocean and vice versa. I am so glad that God brought each and every one of them to my life. There are still more people with which I must connect before my time is up in July. I am savoring each encounter.

Fifty-three days.


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