It’s Gettin’ Real!

My awesome parents drove down from Atlanta to come get some of my things. I am so grateful for them! They packed up my mom’s red Honda Element with five Sterilite 18 gallon containers, keyboard with stand, two 36″ art pieces, a foldable papasan chair, and several other items. I couldn’t believe that so much got packed into that car!

Today, a friend came and picked up my couches, and then I put some other containers that will be going to another family in my car. So now my TV sits all alone on the floor. So sad. I am very happy to see it all begin to move. I was starting to get a little anxious with everything intact.

InstagramCapture_35e54ee9-3db1-42ae-991e-5fb05356e95b_jpg (1)

On another note, did I tell you how much I hate job hunting?! I hate it more than being nauseated. I am praying that God opens the best door. I just want to be where I am supposed to be.

20 days…


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