People who are familiar with me know I am a cat person. BUT this little pup has stolen my heart.


Sachi is a chocolate and blond Labradoodle puppy who is, at the moment, six months old. I have never had a dog with such personality. She is a fast learner, even though she is so, so, soooooo stubborn at times.


I think we are all part of her diabolical plan of cuteness, and we are all pawns in her game. Sachi is my mother’s baby, and she is so spoiled! Her name means “Miracle.” She was the last of the litter, brought back because she came down with a cellulitis infection on her snout. So, my mom got her for a discounted price.


Now we get to enjoy her shenanigans. Her personality is definitely sassy! I know that she will change a little since she is not yet an adult, but I am sure she will still retain some of her obstinance and humor.


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