Over Starting Over and Over Being New

As much as I enjoy adventure and new experiences, I am feeling a bit taxed right now.  My move has been very good, and I am extremely fortunate because of God’s favor in how everything has worked out so far. I have been able to spend a good deal of time with family and friends. Life is good, and I am content. 


I am still in flux. Right now I am working, but it is a temporary transition that will soon end. I am frustrated with being in this position again. I just started working at my current employer last October. So to be doing this job search and application process again is pretty maddening. It was my choice so I can’t complain long; however, my lament is merely the irritation of having to try to sell my abilities and character again. I just don’t like having to be in the spotlight. And with that, the process is just long. Then you don’t hear word for a long time, or ever. The invention of the online application system is not as advantageous as people would have you believe. Additionally, I will be at some point be starting over with my living situation. I am home with my family at the moment, and one day I will be out on my own again. I joke with my mother that I will stay home until I marry, to which she retorts something to the affect that it’s time for me to get married. Sure mom…where is he lol?! Since the age of 12, I have moved 21 times. No, I am not in an active duty Military family. It can make one feel very unstable.  And since I am still young, I know there are more moves on the way. Starting over in work, love, and just life in general. The love part is also daunting…I’m not even going to really get into that right now, but I am pretty annoyed. 


Ok… vent over… moving on now. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new opportunity to have wonderful experiences. 


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