The Beast of Beauty…

So…I am so not into beauty regiments that include overly being pampered or a lot of make-up (I’ll take some lip gloss please…maybe some eye shadow).  I don’t know, I maybe I’m a bit lazy, but I really do enjoy how I look without any added flavors or dyes (I do enjoy fragrance a lot…maybe too much). I don’t like having to “keep up” the look. I mean I think it confuses men when you are all dolled up. Then they get hooked, they marry you, and then they wake up to the unmade up woman they married and think they got the Leah-Rachel switch from Uncle Laban (read Genesis chapter 29).

This is the normal day-to-day Dana:


I went natural in 2009 and haven’t looked back at chemical relaxers since. I do cut off my hair once every two years because I love it short, but lately I have been getting it blown out and am thinking about training it to be straight again, but carefully with just heat instead of chemicals. This is a much more temporary arrangement because it will always have some kind of wave or curl after it gets hit by water/humidity, but the straight styling can be a lot more appealing at times.

Now here are some enhancements all within the past couple of weeks (eyebrow shaping and hair blowout with flat iron polish):


Hmm… I am liking this look. I have wanted to spruce up my presence as of late because well, I am interested in dating again. I know that men are very visual so you have to throw them a little something. Plus, I am in a brand new season of life and I am up to try something new. Since I definitely value my goodies and prefer conservatism, I decided to amp up my game a bit without showing more skin. I have been keeping my nails and hair done lately (What?! Blowouts and flat irons-r-us). On my last trip to the nail salon, I allowed one of the estheticians to apply lash extensions. YEA I KNOW! It took about an hour and voila…the result was this:


Ooooo… so pretty! It’s amazing what happens to your eyes when they are enhanced. I have almond shaped eyes and the extensions accented the shape very well. This looks hot even with my hair still in pin curls, y’all!



Ooooolalah… I can get used to this. Look, the extensions even make my scrunchy face so cute! 


But wait, this requires a lot of work to upkeep!



Now, I only paid $25 for this service. My friend’s niece is a Licensed Esthetician, and has her own business doing this in Atlanta. I looked up the services…let me just say my future hubby will really have to value those lash extensions, because let’s be honest ladies, it’s really for them. Yes, I love looking very exotic, but I really like the regular me too.  Don’t get me wrong, we are responsible to make sure that we look neat, polished, presentable, and attractive – we must take pride in ourselves and it does require some extra time. I think the point I am weighing is, just how much ‘extra’ is enough and what is too much for me?

I will give a shout out to Nancy Shim at Sweet and Lashful. No, I have not used her services, but I would love to one day. If you go to her Instagram page, you can see some examples and her clients look FAAABBULLLOUUUUSS!!! She does eyebrow services too. Look her up Atlanta ladies (and gentlemen because some of you have some caterpillars resting on your face that need to be tamed)! 

Anyway because of my workouts, those bad boys came right off within 24 hours. So… about $1 an hour for the pleasure of looking like a goddess for a day. I can dig it… a little. The hair, nails, lashes…everything on top of regular maintenance is getting pricey!

So my prayer is that my future hubby really appreciates and adores the natural me, and also enjoys the perks of these little extras from time to time because they are really extra. I can do my nails on my own. Granted, I can’t do certain styles, but I can keep them neat and polished. I can do my own hair, but I limit certain heat styles since I don’t want to damage it (I leave it to the professionals). I can apply [some] make up. I’m hitting the gym to get things really right if you know what I mean, which is also part of that – hey I appreciate you appreciating me deal. BUT I don’t want him to fall in love with a persona – I want him to want the real me, so I am trying not to get caught up and go crazy where I am literally unrecognizable unless I have had $500 worth of beauty services. I have definitely seen women who wear a lot of make-up, and when they leave the house un-done it looks like they have caught the plague! I’m not about that life…

Beauty can be such a BEAST!

What do you think about all of this? Ladies AND Gentlemen, feel free to weigh in with comments below.



2 thoughts on “The Beast of Beauty…

  1. I used to straighten my hair all the time when I first moved to FL but it damaged my hair so I had to cut it. Jason loves me either way, but prefers straight hair so when it’s date night I’ll straighten it. And I don’t do makeup. That’s not me. Maybe eyeshadow and gloss. I do love having my nails down though

    • YES FL humidity will kill your hair if you try to keep it straight. I typically have the same approach, maybe something nice for a date but on the regular just plain ole me lol. I do like having my nails done too. I hate nails that look ragged so out of all of this I will probably keep that up.

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