The Progression of a Handmade Christmas…

  1. I got this cool pattern off Etsy…. $13 for two patterns that will yield four gifts – jaaacckkpoottt!
  2. OOOOOOOOOH this sewing machine is on sale, YES!
  3. I’m glad I started early because I have been to the fabric store twice and there are just tooo many choices! EXXCIITTEDDD!! Everyone is going to love this!
  4. Finally got all my supplies… hmmm that was pretty pricy, but soooo worth it to give someone a handmade gift! Woot…..woot…
  5. Time to set up the machine…this is going to be like riding a bike, fo sho…
  6. . come on bobbin…I ain’ got all night
  7. Wait…. The thread goes….
  8. The instruction manual illustrations are so basic….. I need more detail!!!!!
  9. Pin the pattern to the fabric oh so carefully
  10. That’s some awesome pinning right there…Martha Stewart would be proud.
  11. Cutting some fabric, it’s not so hard, especially with this cool fiscker’s acrylic ruler. Edges aren’t too bad…
  12. Irons get really hot when you are trying to iron interfacing… Or maybe it’s just because I haven’t used an iron in a while
  13. Ugh…. How many times will I have to recut stuff? Measure twice cut once. Good advice to follow the second time I suppose.
  14. All pieces cut out! Yes! Interfacing ironed! Yes! I’m totally doing this!
  15. Sew, sew, sew …. Wow this is turning out so pretty….well at least the fabric is nice so far.
  16. Time to turn it to the right sideoh… this is really small… hmm wait. Why isn’t it laying straight?!
  17. NOOOOO!
  18. Ok, maybe I just started with the wrong project – on to something else.
  19. Ugh more cutting.
  20. Cutting
  21. Cutting, grrrrr
  22. All done, YES! Let’s put things together
  23. All these fabric pieces are starting to look the same L
  24. Ok, these instructions seem simple enough.
  25. Sew…sew…. Pop goes the thread
  26. Sew…rethread…sew…rethread…. Why!!!
  27. It’s so hot, what is the heat on in this house? WHY IS IT SO HOT!!!! ???
  28. Regroup…… this is coming together nice….. oh sugar….that was sewed upside down!
  29. Silly tight stitch pattern!
  30. Ok, fixed….keep it moving. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel
  31. NO NO I can have no company in my room, gift making in progress…go away!
  32. Oh no…. nooooo I didn’t just do that. I started it out completely wrong in the first place? Drats!
  33. OK fixed…..let’s bring these two together and…. NOOO MARTHA STEWART!!!!!I can’t even pull it apart.
  35. Cleaning up… stupid fabric, silly thread, dumb interfacing, crazy scissors…
  36. I think there is still time to order some handmade things from Esty….

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