The Progression of a Handmade Christmas, Part II…

  1. It’s taken me WEEKS to collect all of the supplies – including special ordered items. I am so stoked!
  2. Everything assembled orderly on the counter (check), scrubbed up and clean (check), Apron on (check), Awesome turned all the way up (double check).
  3. Hmm…. This part is a little boring.. staaanndddiiinnggg over the sttooovveeee…. zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ
  4. Doesn’t look like the picture… I guess maybe because I chose not to use bleached versions and chose organic???
  5. Alright we are in business part two!
  6. Temp check – not quite there … a little anxious, need to turn the oven up a bit
  7. Oh goodness that may boil over… please dear father in heaven that will definitely be a 3rd degree burn if it splashes on me (turns heat down a tad)
  8. Temp check – what’s going on with this…. Rise you fool RRISSSEE!!!
  9. Let me pull up a bar stool – this is going to take a while
  10. Let me check Instagram to see what my InstaHAM friends are up to.
  11. Temp check – we are there, yes!!!! STEP THREE YO!
  12. Oh man, look at that… kind of pretty I think…
  13. Temp check – whoa… whoa…. Whoa…. Time to move you off the eye
  14. Step four, what what!? Add that ingredient!
  15. Smells good.. stirring the pot!
  16. Pour pour pour!!
  17. Ooo the spoon…I want to eat the contents off the spoon, but it has to cool first
  18. Can’t wait! Been dreaming of this for a month!
  19. ::Tasting::
  20. Oh, no…
  21. No…
  22. This is horrible
  23. Death in my mouth.
  24. Heavenly Father, why is “Handmade Christmas” still not working out?
  25. Can I buy this somewhere?!
  26. ::drowning in my own pool of tears::
  27. Let’s watch some Family Feud… And the survey said?

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