Verse for the Year 2015…

One day I was chatting over Skype with a dear friend and she asked if I had a verse that I was meditating on for this year. I had to truthfully respond ‘no.’ Now, I had never really thought of this to be perfectly honest. I am all for memorizing Bible verses, but never had the notion for one to keep as an anchor for the year. I remarked that I would pray for one to be revealed to me and I did. A week later as I am studying in a book we are reading corporately at my church called Awakening by Stovall Weems, I came across Luke 1:45, which says:

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!

Background: Luke chapter 1 has two accounts of miracles. The first is When Zacharias was visited by an angel who told him that he would be a father. He was cynic since he and his wife Elizabeth were very old. Because of his unbelief he was stricken mute, and remained that way until he reveal the name of his some (FYI his son was John the Baptist!). Elizabeth became pregnant and she was elated. In the same chapter, Mary was also visited by an angel who told her she would become pregnant as well, but not by human means, but through the Holy Spirit. She was being told at this point she would be the mother of Jesus Christ – God incarnate¬†– who came to this world to die as a man willingly for the sins of all people so that we have the opportunity for salvation under grace (this is why we no longer have to do all of those animal sacrifices explained in the old testament). Mary believed that this would happen, but she was very quiet and contemplative. The angel also told her that her cousin, Elizabeth was also with child. Mary went to visit her cousin and when she entered the house, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb jumped. Elizabeth was so excited and she knew of Mary’s anointing. Elizabeth exclaimed the words noted in verse 45 of Luke.

Now why did I choose this verse? Well, the past few years I have been very cynical about my future when it comes to professional, financial, and relational success. I felt that I would never get out of debt, that I would never really work in a career I completely loved, and that I would never find the right man or experience a God first marriage. I have been disappointed and discouraged a lot in all of these areas over and over, and I had begun to give up hope. Well, for some reason around November of last year as I was praying about the goals that I had written down, I felt this overwhelming peace that everything was going to be OK. I somehow had some solace that everything God has whispered to me would come to pass. When I read Luke 1:45, I immediately knew that was MY verse for this year. We are blessed when we believe. Believing is not a prerequisite for God to give us things, but we receive even more when we are full of faith.

I know that one day I will completely financially free ($20K has already been paid off as of last March!!! Still have student loans, but the consumer debt was paid)! I know that one day I will be in a place professionally that I will grow and bring others to growth as well (I am currently studying for my Real Estate License for GA…. I think this may be it)! I know that one day I will be a wife and quite possibly a mother (No real movement in this area other than the fact that I realize that I am a great person, I love me, and I am cherished by a King so nothing but the best will do)!

Everything is going to be as it should. God has a plan for me, plans to prosper me and not for harm. He has a plan that will bring others closer to him through me (how honored I am that he would even choose me in such a way)! He has plans for me to grow, mature, lead, follow, rest, work, and remember.



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