Text With Parents: Mom

Sooooo I have interesting conversations with my parents at times…sometimes I am privy to conversations that I don’t really want to hear because they cannot be unheard! Texting is also a very interesting. Below is a snippet into the life of Dana and her family. We are pretty candid. There is usually an undercurrent of snark, fun, and absolute cray-cray.

Background: Mom takes the dog’s (Sachi) comforters at the laundromat. I am not sure why since we had high capacity, front-loading machines. I guess she just likes the industrial ones. Anyway, the fact that this dog gets her linens laundered this way is also insane….she is a dog lol.  (I change no typos or syntax!!!! makes it more real)

Mom: (12:24pm) I’m at the laundrymat with sachis blankets and one wont stop washing so I guess ill leave it

Me: (3:19pm) Did you get the blanket? Sachi wants her blanket

Mom: (3:23pm) Sachi and I just got n from a walk she said she didnt want it haha

Me: (3:26pm) Lie detector test revealed that was a lie

Mom: (4:24pm) Sachi threw up a hunk of bones

I will just stop here… it’s more random after this point, but you get the picture… fun times…fun times…

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