Text With Parents: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sitting in a hospital room is not fun and absolutely boring – so here are some more text convos from mom… please keep in mind I am only going to post the ones that are funny here… no reason to air all the dirty laundry, which happens to be hilarious when it’s about the dog.

Mom: (6:42pm)

Eating and Resting

Aside – ok if you get this in your phone messaging inbox, your first question would be what in the world is that right? I did not alter the colors or anything of this picture. I *think* its a picture of a pizza box. SMH.

Me: (6:43pm) Yall had pizza?

Mom: (6:43pm) Just getting hm (as in home)

Me: (6:43pm) U got pizza?

Mom: (6:45pm) Ray came n wanting to ride out for pizzzzzza

Me: (6:46pm) DID YOU GET IT??????? THE PICTURE IS SO DARK I CANNOT TELL!!!! Stop playing with my emotions 😦

Mom: (6:47pm)

 0214184815_02 (1)
For a queen.

Aside – Momma you is playing now… forreal? Why can’t you just answer meeeeee?! Wait, is she saying I’m not a queen? Did she just throw me some shade?

Me: (6:50pm) Why r u making me jealous that I do not have a love interest? That is not mom-like

Mom: (6:50pm) Im sooooo sorry poopoo

Aside – yes, ‘poopoo’ is one of my many nicknames.

Me: (6:51pm) Lie detector test revealed that is a lie

Mom: (6:65pm) 🙂 My sweet poo pie

Aside – first time with that one, though.

Me: (6:56pm) Y’all playing cards?

Mom: (6:57pm) We just bought new ones getting ready for a showdown

Aside – My mom and stepfather, Ray, play cards every night for hours. They buy new decks weekly because they wear out so much. I think they have a problem.

Me: (6:58pm) Who is the reigning champ? When are the playoffs? Who is in the bracket? Yall got bets going on?

Mom: (7:00pm) Aint nuting to bet sachi is loving her open fence

Aside – this weekend, my stepfather and someone he met at lowes built a new privacy fence on the side yard. Sachi is the dog and now her territory to roam has been increased… yea, he just does all these home improvement things whenever my mom asks. The last project before that was a new driveway to go to the second entrance of the house, which was preceded by having 10 huge trees torn down, which was also preceded by building on a new addition – a sunroom- to the house… I could go on, but I won’t.

Me: (7:00pm) It’s done?? Is she outside??

Mom: (7:03pm) She is and yes it is and she loves it

Me: (7:03pm) She does? Does she play alone or is she needy?

Aside – The dog loves being outside, but she will stare you down through the door like a helpless child if you put her out there alone.

Mom: (7:04pm) She drags out the flower pots. The Book fair set up looks good

Aside – I guess that answers my question….meh…the book fair is something my mom has set up to encourage literacy among the young kids who attend her children’s church class. 

Me: (7:04pm) great! I hope it goes well tomorrow with the fair. Sachi is being a brat now… MORE THAN EVER!

Mom: (7:08pm) R you bac at the motel

Me: (7:09pm) No at the hospital in a dark room watching the avengers movie. I asked daddy and Paulina (aka boo) if they had cards to play. They don’t. They have nothing on you and Ray’s game

Aside – that was the last exchange for the night. I am sure that means my mom and Ray are deep in competition. My dad had back surgery so his girlfriend Paulina and I are with him in the hospital. My life….never gets boring!


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