The Smell of Spring Makes Me Gag….

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It’s coming…SPPPRRRIINGGG! I love how beautiful it is, but I am not looking forward to my allergies going crazy nor all of the crazy smells. Though the first day of spring is still a few days away (March 20th), we are already experiencing the spoils of the new season. Daylight Saving happened a couple of Sundays ago, so it’s brighter longer. It’s warm! Today we had a high of 81 degrees!

I have been in recovery from the flu for a couple of weeks now so my appetite is just now coming back. The issue with this is that I am not consuming a normal amount of food and my tummy is pretty weak, so I am feeling lightheaded a lot.

Today, I was driving home from Zumba class and I was already feeling a bit woozy. I opened my windows to get some fresh air, but I got more than I bargained. My sniffer was turned on…what the heck was I smelling? I kept checking myself, I mean I did just work up quite the sweat, but it wasn’t me. It was the weirdest B.O. type smell and I couldn’t quite place it. Frankly, I was trying to figure out if it was a male or female odor. As I was riding along, I noticed all of the new foliage blooming. Beautiful white-flowered trees. At that moment I knew they were the culprits, but I didn’t know the type of tree.

So when I got home, I decided to look them up. My actual Google search terms were ” spring trees that smell like fish.”  AH HA! BRADFORD PEAR TREES! They stink.These trees are very common in Georgia. They are all over the place. My entire neighborhood is covered with these landscaped trees. The search results were overwhelming in smell references – not in the variety, but just in the sentiment. Fish was one, then chlorine, and then *gasp* semen. I am dying… I don’t I disagree with any of these.

The pollen is coming… can’t wait to see the pollen count on the news every day. I better stock up on Claritin and Benadryl now.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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